More than a One Night Stand!

Wilmot-Budgen recently featured in an online edition of Retail Week Interiors. This article centred on the resurgence of cardboard based point-of-purchase (PoP) displays amongst brands and retailers. This article develops the concept of how the more traditional print based industries are a much needed diversion from the content and techno rich world that currently prevails within the retail industry.

This article goes on to extol the virtues of cardboard and lists some of its key attributes as:

1. Low cost, versatile and adaptable for any store layout
2. Easy to shape, simple to setup and transport
3. It can be delivered ready to assemble
4. Cardboard is a 100% recyclable product
5. Bespoke design applications allows for more product per volume of space to be displayed

This perfect coupling of technology to create prestigious point of sale is something we have been broadcasting from the tallest display stand (cardboard or otherwise!) as a quick tour around our portfolio will testify.