L’Occitane wanted to showcase its best selling Christmas 2018 advent calendar gift as a life size window display for its flagship stores.

Whilst the brief was simple the technicality of re-creating a small gift box and scaling it up to a 2 metre tall window display proved to be a challenge.

The original advent calendars were produced in the Far East so no technical specifications or tooling were available. Wilmot-Budgen had to re-design this display from scratch.

To make matters even more difficult the original brief then evolved so that the display would now rotate within the window space.

Using a sample of the calendar we de-constructed the gift box to determine the internal and external construction of the unit. We then drew up a cutter guide in order to be able to upscale the size and re-engineer materials to be structurally sound.

We then created a plain white prototype for structural testing and using the creative assets supplied by the client we also created the very complex artwork required for the rotating display.

L'Occitane White Proto

The materials used for the display were a mixture of Mirri-Board and fluted cardboard and required a very complex process of double hitting colours to give an embossed effect to the print. The finished product was fantastic and the client was thrilled with the results.

L'Occitane Final