After working with Epson on a number of other creative projects ranging from t-shirt design to trade show marketing materials, the electronics company asked us to help them with a new campaign promoting a range of home projectors.

The aim was to create ideas for a high end brochure highlighting the immersive quality of the home cinema product range.

Epson Brochure Pic 1

The challenge was to create a striking range of ideas that would captivate potential buyers and encourage them to learn more about the product range contained inside the brochure.

Epson already had a set of brand guidelines to follow covering the placement of text and logos however the main image was up to us to create.

Using our extensive design capability and with access to all programs across the full Adobe CC suite we were able to offer a range of different designs to hit the brief.

Keeping production in mind we were not only able to provide a range of beautiful designs but to also offer practical solutions on how the ideas may be produced including special inks and print finishing.

Finally to illustrate our ideas further we mocked up all the artworks into 3D brochures so our ideas for both design and production could be clearly understood by the client.

Epson Brochure Pic 2