A New Face at Wilmot-Budgen
The WB team expands again!
Friday, October 6, 2017

We’re delighted to welcome a new face into the Wilmot-Budgen team, and wanted to extend a very warm welcome to Neil Wood… and what better way to welcome someone than to put them on the spot for a quick fire Q&A!

So Neil, tell us a bit about your background:
"Well I’ve spent the last 14 years specialising in litho production for C&F Solutions. My print background covers a wide range of products and services, but long run commercial print has been my bread and butter for many years."

What attracted you to coming to work with the Wilmot-Budgen team?
"We’ve crossed paths a few times as you tend to do in the print world, and the reputation that Wilmot -Budgen have in the industry is tough to argue with. A professional outfit producing some really high calibre work for big name clients is going to be a draw for anyone."

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
"Undoubtedly, it’s the challenge of changing the perception that we’re not just display print. The introduction of the the B1/B2 presses mean that we really can offer clients a complete solution all under one roof. I want to help push the Wilmot-Budgen name out there so that existing and prospect clients know they can use us not only for display work, but for all their promotional and internal materials as well. The more we can do, and the easier we make it for them, the better."

Who would be your dream client?
"All Of My Clients!! Ha Ha!! I work with some big names already who have come with me over to Wilmot-Budgen and they are all great people to deal with."

And lastly anything we need to know about you? What makes you tick?
"To work hard and have a huge determination to achieve high sales results, and lastly to enjoy doing it in the process!!"