A 'Shared Vision' to bring stunning catalogue to life
Fascinating project using Braille and sensory image pages
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Shared Vision was the opening exhibition of Project Light, a global art campaign by Peek Vision and Fine Acts to increase awareness that everyone, everywhere, deserves access to good vision.

The exhibition, with commissioned works from sighted, partially-sighted and blind artists, considers how stories of vision can transform people’s lives. The contemporary art pieces across different disciplines and media: from film to audio; paint to photography, investigate the ways in which we ‘see’ and consider other ways of experiencing our world.

Philpott Design worked in collaboration with Fine Acts to design a stunning exhibition catalogue that was to be used by both sighted, partially sighted and blind people. It was to contain all of the commissioned pieces and combine not just braille pages, but sensory image pages where visually impaired people could experience the artwork for themselves - through touch.

The challenge of creating tactile pages with high Braille content meant that commercial embossing was not viable so we needed to come up with a suitable alternative. Opting for a chunky lose leaf wire o bound format, we were able to emboss the Braille leaves using our specialist supplier with a mix of single and duplex embossings fixed into the main catalogue.

Production timeframes were extremely tight but we got the job done and the finished catalogue was really well received by the attendees at the opening launch.

Julie Freeman from Fine Acts commented: "This book was such a labour of love, it was, ambitious, risky and challenging, and I really appreciate the effort and support that you put into it. Not only did the blind and partially sighted attendees appreciate the design but our sighted visitors were also really impressed."