Back to school with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Every big kid’s dream!
Monday, September 11, 2017

We’re not all POS and packaging, and a recent project for our local school gave us the opportunity not only to get our creative minds working overtime, but to let us go back to being kids again.

We were asked to help design and produce some working props for the school production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the ultimate creative test for a very demanding audience.  

We set to work in our very own Wonker World to create some magical cardboard creations to bring the story to life.   

Not only were we delighted to be able to support our local school and give the cast a little extra dusting of magic, but also test to our creative capabilities and see how far we could push the boundaries of corrugated cardboard display.    

Cardboard makes the perfect prop piece – creative and cost effective with the added bonus of being crushed and recycled at the end of the show or event.   

We’d love to help you with any weird and wonderful ideas you may have – from a product launch, party or event right through to window dressing, show or set design.  

If being a part of Willy Wonker’s world has taught us anything in the last couple of weeks it’s that nothing is impossible.