Beat the system at your next exhibition
With a flexible, reusable and cost effective system build
Monday, June 24, 2019

Do exhibitions work? Something we get asked all the time and the answer is absolutely YES!

There is no better place to sell your goods or services than within a neutral space filled with pro-active buyers. Attendees are there for a reason and 91% are there to buy.

But how to stand out amongst the crowd? The answer is simply so a professional looking, well organised stand that is designed to capture and hold attention of passing trade.  

These types of stand have always been costly and wasteful with a lot of kit ending up in landfill as they cannot be repurposed. We can change that using one of our environmentally sustainable and cost-effective reusable systems which offer total flexibility across your events.

Think of these stands as a big jigsaw puzzle, that can be configured to fit any shape or space like these stands for Biopatch.

The same kit can be used to line the inside of a shell scheme as a large space only stand giving you a strong brand presence at every event, no matter its size.

Graphic panels are printed in house on a material to suit your needs ranging from hard wearing vinyl through to removable cling depending on how you want to use and store them. By purchasing the graphics, but hiring the framework you keep your costs low and the returns high.

The systems enable you to include AV, demonstration areas and all sorts of different textures and finishes.

We’re well versed in the bells and whistles and our team will ensure you have a stand that not only looks great but does the job, by keeping customer experience at the heart of the design.