Best in class
What makes an award winning FSU/FSDU?
Friday, November 29, 2019

We've been working in retail print for over 45 years so have learnt a thing or two about what makes a great display. Striking the balance between practicality, creative flair and commercial goals is key to any promotion, and here we share our top 5 tips for success:

1. Standing out from the crowd.

Competition is tough in any competitive commercial environment, and standing out from the crowd is essential to get your products noticed.

Whether it is a striking design feature such as this giant mascara wand for Max Factor or innovative sink feature on our award winning display for Gillette:

Or a bold use of colour and different effects like this unit for Wella Shockwaves, or our latest install for OPI's Hello Kitty Collection.

Or a complete juxtaposition of the norm like this classic Jack Daniels display standing out against the sea of red and green at Christmas.

Creating theatre in-store is guaranteed to get you noticed and draw customers to your products.

2. Fit for function.

There is no point designing and all singing and dancing display if it will never make it to the shop floor.

Understanding retailers is a big part of the job, and collectively we want to make it as easy as possible to get your units into store by following their rules.

Footprint; practicality, ease of re-stocking; and enabling individual stores to have a degree of flexibility by using their own printed SKU's to encourage store compliance are some of the important factors to consider.

Usually displays are supplied fully assembled or with minimal store compliance required (ie affixing a header panel). We also ship fully merchandised units so that stores need not fill the units themselves, or flat packed with instructions for the more simple units.

3) Materials.

Choosing a material that will hold up to the job another critical factor in designing a successful FSDU. Each unit needs to easily last for the duration of the promotion with minimal wear and tear. All of our designs are load tested to ensure they will hold up to the task.

What will happen to the units after they are no longer needed? Is using recycled or recyclable materials important to you as a brand?

4) Heighten Brand awareness.

Ultimately these units are designed not only to promote products but to increase the brand recognition for customers in-store.

Producing a visually stunning unit shows consumers that you mean business and your product deserves it's place at the top. The supporting POS is a reflection of the brand.

5. Shifting Stock

Ultimately the goal of any brand/retailer partnership is to move products off the shelves and into customer's baskets.

Making units eye-catching and user friendly while clearly displaying the products and any relevant educational information or benefits is the name of the game.

Keeping copy to a minimum and opting for bold, simple messaging and clearly visible offers is an everyday win.