Colour Matching.
Having a keen eye for colour.
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

There are few things more important to a brand than the brand itself. Everything from principles to palette go into creating a strong personality that is instantly recognisable to customers.

Whether we know it or not, we’re adeptly in tune with colour, meaning that even a slight change in the Cadbury purple or the Coca Cola red would go noticed by many and have a negative impact on brand perception.

That’s why it is so important to our clients, and to us, to be able to provide a service that ensures some of their most valuable brand assets are protected across every print job that we complete on their behalf.

When artworks comes in which matches to a particular CMYK or pantone breakdown our state-of the-art Spectro Proofer ensures that the colours are perfectly calibrated across all proofs to FOGRA standard which is then matched on press during the initial run for a perfect and true match.

But what about matching to a specific product? When Max Factor wanted to launch a new mascara into Boots stores across the country, they asked us to ensure that the colour of the base unit matched perfectly to the product.

To create the perfect colour match, our production team tweak and tone a sample of swatches to the exact shade of the product. We then produce a scaled digital visual of the mocked up unit for the client to sign off on before proceeding to production where each stage was seamlessly matched back to the original product supplied. We invite all of our clients to join us for a press pass where they can see the first sheets off the press, and collectively make any last second tweaks to the final output.

As you can see, the outer of the mascara matches perfectly with the finished display:

Similarly this free gift promotion run by Max Factor required the perfect colour matching for a bright red make-up bag. Red is notoriously tricky to match as just even the slightest tint can make the difference between a warm or much cooler hue… but we hit the nail on the head once again and got the perfect shade of red to match this incredibly vibrant shade.

Our colour matching service extends from products and pantones through to the unique skin tones of the models in a promotional campaign to ensure that skin looks natural and radiant, not grainy or overly-tinted. Making Wilmot Budgen the perfect choice for our cosmetic and skincare clients.

This sort of fine-tuning only comes with years of experience and a fantastic eye for colour – fortunately for us, and our customers, we have plenty of both.