Countdown to Christmas.
Festive Marketing with extra sparkle!
Monday, November 19, 2018

We’re back with a bang and some great ideas on how to add some festive sparkle to your seasonal marketing.

Here’s our top 5 Christmas creations for some inspiration and ways to wow your clients and customers during the festivities.


Everyone loves a Christmas cracker, so why not personalise yours to give out instead of cards. Fill them with chocolates, presents, branded giveaways or even offers and promotions instead of the usual jokes. Keeping clients happy with a personalised present is no laughing matter when your gift can end up front and centre of their workspace!

We like to ‘go large’ at Wilmot Budgen so even our crackers get the supersize treatment. An oversize version is great for an instore or reception display or could even be filled with treats to make an impactful department present.


Bespoke advent calendars are all the rage at the moment, and our range of custom cutters enables you to choose from a variety of fillings to make your calendar a countdown to remember. From chocolate to sample size products, our production and fulfilment team are on hand to make your Christmas wish come true.

Or for something really different how about a January Blues calendar – a countdown through the notoriously worst month of the year with a cheery surprise every morning for the lucky recipient. Long after the Christmas cards have been cleared, you’ll stay fresh in their minds for the start of 2019.

Retail Display

If you haven’t seen our amazing supersize advent calendar for L’Occitane in the window of their Regent Street flagship store then click here to see a video that will put you in the picture.

This giant replica of their retail version was printed direct to substrate using UV inks and super shiny mirriboard to give it the wow factor. Something like this, or the Christmas display we did for Harrods not only draws attention from passers by, but captivates and holds it long enough to get your message across.

Personalised Presents & Christmas Cards
If you have something you want to say, or a gift you’d like to give this Christmas then challenge our creative team to come up with a unique and inventive way to send it.

When it comes to cardboard you can let your imagination run wild with our team’s ability to make even the wackiest ideas come to life.

Or if you’d like to keep it simple and wish your clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, how about a personalised range of cards for seasons greetings?

Party Props

If you’re in charge of planning the Christmas party this year, then how about getting some unique cardboard props for your event?

We can create cardboard set pieces and photo props to suit any theme or have existing cutters available if you’re stuck for ideas. All you need to do is supply the guests and a festive tipple and you’ve got yourself a par-tay.

To discuss any of these ideas, or some of your own, just give us a shout and let the Wilmot Budgen elves work their magic.