Drawing the eye in consumer retail
A show stopping display for Calvin Klein
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Cosmetic and fragrance retail is a highly competitive environment with beautiful bottles and branding all vying for attention in store.

Women, by Calvin Klein, has been created to embody individuality, strength and freedom, and the team at Edge Retail Ltd. were looking for something which conveyed this message in store. With this in mind they  designed this enticing and creative display for us to bring to life.

The combination of a mirriboard top with a floating printed perspex eye play with the reflection of light to give the whole display a memorable edge.

It is difficult to walk past this one without, quite literally, catching it’s eye and being drawn to the product on offer.

The body of the unit had to incorporate a retractor to keep the bottle secure, along with an in-built shelf to display additional gift items.