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Thursday, June 10, 2021

With many sporting events either back on track or fast approaching, we thought it’d be fitting to take a look back on some of the really special sporting event projects that we’ve worked on. Let’s take a look at some of the projects:

1. POPAI Award Winning Gillette Stadium – Official World Cup Football Sponsor 2018.

This global brand wanted to showcase their product range, and where better than with the sporting event that they sponsor - a replica sporting stadium. We were delighted to work with Communisis and Gillette to help bring their brand vision to life in-store once again.

This show stopping sporting stadium display is designed to draw the customer’s eyes within the busy Asda stores and over towards the Gillette World Cup display. This display really made an impression and certainly help draw attention to the brand, causing front of store disruption. The displays are made from a high quality board with crisp digital print.

This display proudly won a Popai Award. The Judges said “this highly impactful display recreating a football stadium, with use of real artificial turf was a clever concept resulting in great brand presence”.

2. Robinson’s Squash Umpire Chair FSDU – Official Wimbledon Tennis Sponsor.

First created as a refreshing drink for the players at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships back in 1935. They’re still the official soft drink sponsor to this day. We were delighted to work with a marketing agency, working with the Britvic team to help bring this display to life.  

These radiant Robinson’s standees really make an impression and certainly help draw attention to the brand’s presence inside the store. The unique display using the Robinson’s green/orange and Wimbledon’s green brand colours highly resonate and are identifiable to customers; so tying them in together in the artwork was key. - A reflection of the solid sponsor partnership between the two brands. We take the preservation of a brand’s colour palette very seriously and our ink experts work to tweak the levels to get an exact match to pantone and product. Colour is checked at initial artwork stages, tweaked and matched right through the process, through to final press pass.

3. Gillette Male Grooming Accessories FSDU – Official Rugby Lions Tour Sponsor 2017.

Once again, it was a delight to work closely with the Communisis and Gillette teams.  This unmissable FSDU complete with, replica elongated ellipsoidal ball,  goal post and crossbar certainly raised the bar in Superdrug Stores. All highly branded showcasing Gillette’s sponsorship for the Rugby Lions Tour. Perfect for displaying both product and creative POS. There are multiple shelves combinations of plain or custom cut locator inners to perfectly and safely hold a multitude of stock.

And last but certainly not least - The following two displays are conceptual designs:

4. Cadbury – Match and Win Stadium Chair – Official Premier League Football Sponsor.

A very unique design, showcasing the sponsorship with Cadbury and the Premier League. Everything from principles to palette go into creating a strong personality that is instantly recognisable to customers. Striking the balance between practicality, creative flair and commercial goals is key to any promotional display. Our in-house design team work closely with the brand and retailer to ensure the unit design follows the shopfloor footprint guidelines, so it is fit for purpose and fully operational in store.

5. Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water Dumpbins - Official Olympics Sponsor 2012.

Both brands come under the Coca-Cola powerhouse and wanted to show their proud sponsorship association to the World Cup 2012.

Whether we know it or not, we’re adeptly in tune with colour, meaning that even a slight change in the Cadbury purple or Coco-Cola red wouldn’t go unnoticed; having an adverse knock on effect on brand perception. When artworks come in or we produce them in-house which matches to a particular CMYK or pantone breakdown, our state-of-the-art Spectro Proofer ensures that the colours are perfectly calibrated across all proofs to FOGRA standard which is then matched on press during the initial run for the perfect and true colour match. We invite all of our clients to join us for a press pass where they can see the first sheets off the press, and collectively make any last minute tweaks to the final output.

So why not show your brand’s support and pride in being a sponsor. Whether it’s a display for the shop floor or a prop for an event, get in contact and see how collaborating with Wilmot Budgen will result as a winning Team!