Getting your job done at Monster MotoGP speed!! 🏍💨
From production to delivery in Denmark in 6 days!
Thursday, April 15, 2021

We’re often called upon to help push the boundaries of cardboard creative design, and this project for Monster Energy was no exception. Monster Energy being the main sponsor for Yamaha at MotoGP, wanted to show their association at the motorsport event and asked us to produce these cardboard motorbikes. They wanted something truly unique to stand out at the MotoGP and that’s what they designed. The displays were also used as a prop for photo opportunities. Fun yet still conveying a message of support to the Yamaha Team .

We printed a prop designed to showcase the Monster Energy drink and sponsorship with Yamaha, using a unique motorbike shape and ultra realistic paint and metal-look printed direct onto cardboard using our Inca press.  The combination of the motorbike’s design, artwork and a visually striking and realistic print really bought their design dreams to life.

This incredibly creative unit was a real show stopper at the event, and deserved the attention it got. It certainly got people talking.

So if you’re looking for something special and a little out of the ordinary, then make sure you give us a shout so we can get our engineers to ready, set, go – ahead with your design! And get the creative process all geared towards helping make your event a huge success!