Going Gourmet with new flavour launch into Lidl
Pre filled quarter pallets for Merchant Gourmet's new range
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Merchant Gourmet's bold new flavour range needed a fitting showcase for their in-store launch across Lidl branches, opting for an eye-catching and practical quarter pallet display.

Our cardboard engineers set to work on a deep-fill unit designed to display and store shelf ready trays, each holding individual 6 pouches of the gourmet grains. Each unit needed to hold all three flavours (Peruvian, Piri Piri, Tomatoey) with an even split across the 3 flavours. Each shelf took three forward facing flavour trays on display, with a further two behind in order to optimise the available space.

As with all our display projects, a fully stocked mock-up was created and put through rigorous strength testing to ensure it would stand up to the job on the shop floor as well as through the transit process.

Artwork supplied by the client was laid to the cutters in our studio and sent for final approval. We loved the mono-look creative which really made the colourful product design jump off the shelves.

The units were fully merchandised by our team before being shipped out, meaning we took delivery of 1000's of packs of delicious grains to be pre-filled into the units ready for delivery.

Before anything could leave the factory, we had to ensure that the units passed a strict Food Standards audit completed by our client. Once that was ticked off, we were ready to get the grains into store.

The units were palletised onto individual re-useable quarter pallet bases and stretch-wrapped in protective outers for safe onward transit. In a co-ordinated collection, pallets were then picked up by Lidl on a depot-by-depot basis ready to be shipped to individual stores.

The finished units looked fantastic in-store and the grains soon started flying off the shelves. Stuart, who joined us back in Spring, took the lead on this one and was delighted with some excellent client feedback...

"I’ve worked with Stuart over a number of years, always delivering first-class service so when he moved over to Wilmot-Budgen I was confident that they’d be able to deliver on this project which they absolutely have. Communication throughout the project has been spot-on, informing all the relevant stake-holders along the way to ensure that it was delivered to the standard required and on time which they did with ease. Look forward to working with them in the future!"

Helen Maclean, Sales Contoller – Merchant Gourmet