Hello Kitty!
A great example of collaboration at work
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

When OPI launched their new Hello Kitty holiday range into beauty wholesalers across the UK and Belgium, they needed a display that screamed the iconic brand from the shop floor.

This display is a great example of collaborative working, with Coty submitting the base design and artwork, with Wilmot Budgen bringing everything together to make it work and adding those final flourishes.

The striking design uses bold colours - red, black and gold foil accent to bring the display to life. The oversized bow header is a great mechanism to draw the eye to products below and emphasise Hello Kitty’s strong character brand recognition.

From a practical perspective, the display offers numerous merchandising opportunities with three shelves full of product, plus a bottom shelf for gift sets and the all-important podium at the top to showcase core seasonal colours.

The units were printed and pre-assembled in our factory, with the stores simply needing to affix the podium themselves using instructions supplied.

Stores are able to add their own price tags to the pre-affixed ticket strips giving each retailer flexibility in their price point.

We love this striking display unit, and with it's sturdy structural design it is guaranteed to help product fly off the shelves into the New Year.