If Carlsberg did FSDU's
A beery good start to the New Year
Thursday, January 24, 2019

When Carlsberg and Williams Lea Tag asked if we would be able to help them create a giant can shaped FSDU to feature in Tesco stores, we strangely had no shortage of volunteers offering to conduct a little consumer research!

The challenging brief was to produce a can shaped display which could be used to promote both the Carlsberg Export and Brooklyn Lager brands.

The finished displays would then be required to go out on pallets, fully stocked, and pass through the Tesco supply chain without any hindrance.

Our design team got to work prototyping a unit that could cope with the weight of the stock load up, while still resembling the cylindrical shape of the can. The transit test passed first time meaning there were no delays going in to production.

Using the strong brand graphics of Carlsberg and Brooklyn Lager, the units were litho printed and finished in our Coulsdon premises, pre-filled with stock and delivered to Tesco for onward distribution.

On arrival in-store the only assembly required was to insert a headboard and the unit was ready for shoppers to ‘grab a 6 pack’.