Investing in the future.
Work Experience with Wilmot-Budgen.
Monday, May 14, 2018

Encouraging the next wave of thinkers, designers, doers and makers is something we are very proud of at Wilmot Budgen. Championing the idea that we should all be investing in our future by giving time and materials to help our local school with their creative displays; investing in our staff with apprenticeship schemes and other qualifications; and giving keen work experience students an in-depth look at what it's really like to work in a creative production hub.

Ethan was one of the latest students to join us on our work experience program and spent time in all of our departments to understand the production process from start to finish.

Starting off with our graphic design team and engineers, he could see first-hand how a project is concepted and brought to life on the screen and in mini-mock up format for client approval. Rotating into pre-press to get an understanding of the challenges and work that goes into bringing a piece of artwork to life, helped him to understand the rigorous testing and checks that happen before any buttons are pressed.

He then moved into production to see first hand how each machine plays a vital part in the specific production values of each job, from colour balance and setting up a job on our litho machines, to the high-tech digital presses and finishing equipment that make 100's of cuts into board with mm accuracy time and time again. Finally into finishing and logistics to meet our exceptional team who work to ensure that each unit goes out in pristine condition either filed with merchandise, or ready for in-store fill.