Out of this world graphics for Baccarat
Interchangeable magnetic panel
Friday, February 15, 2019

When it comes to getting the most from your office, sometimes you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and even bag a little extra space into the bargain.
This stellar graphic is magnet mounted to a custom-made panel concealing an access space for maintenance staff.

Rather than have the unsightly space open to visitors, or sealing it shut, our client decided to cover it with a removable panel and provided a branding space to enhance their working environment.

The MDF panel with premium edging was covered with a clean white vinyl and self-ashesive magnetic receptive material ready to take interchangeable graphics.

We printed the graphic direct to ferrous material which is then easily mounted to the panel without requiring any adhesives or installation experience. When they are ready for change they simply send us the artwork and we'll print and deliver a new graphic ready to go.

A simple, cost effective way to make an impact while retaining practical working space.