Saying YES to a new showroom
We help YES Glazing increase their sales
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sometimes something as simple as switching up your space can make a huge difference not only to your premises, but to your revenue too.

YES Glazing wanted to transform a warehouse storage area into a bright and engaging showroom to invite potential customers to view their products in situ.

Our brief was to create a light spacious feel to a relatively small showroom that contains only false windows and provide a suitable environment to display YES Glazing products.

They wanted customers to feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all inspired by the new space.

To make a start, partition walls were built to create three rooms, each displaying  different products.

Uplifting digitally printed wallpaper was applied to the walls, designed to compliment the furniture whilst showcasing the products and giving  them a place to shine.

The images needed to provide the illusion of depth and carry from one room to another to give the impression of natural beauty outside the windows, doors and roof lights on display.

The graphics were printed onto a fire rated, durable material with a matt finish to avoid glare from the LED lights and additional seal for protection.

The graphics were seamlessly applied like wallpaper with butt joins and no unsightly overlaps.

YES Glazing have not only completely transformed what was a dull storage area into a bright, modern and welcoming showroom, but they have already seen a direct increase in sales from the transformation.

If you have a space that could be put to better use, just contact our team and see if you could transform your space... and your business.