Sending Shockwaves through retail display
Launching the new limited edition X-Men range for Wella
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Hair care is a tough nut to crack, with lots of on-shelf competition and plenty of products vying for attention with brightly coloured packaging and bold messaging.

Fortunately when it came to the new Limited Edition X-Men x Wella Shockwaves launch, we had some incredible assets from the new X-Men Dark Phoenix movie to unleash our inner creative powers.

Our brief was to create something memorable and unique, while remaining true to both the X-Men and Wella brands. We submitted first stage concepts and material recommendations which were finessed into final full size mock ups to check everything was 100% prior to production.

The striking colours gave us plenty to play with, and we created an eye-catching FSDU with CAD cut features standing proud from the display in the shape of a character silhouette and branded silver "X".

Silver Mirriboard reflects not only the store lighting to attract customer attention, but also the vibrant packaging and the X-Men brand steel logo, tying everything together. These FSDU's were rolled out to Superdrug stores across the country.

While this stand-alone unit allowed us to explore our creative side, the practical on-shelf display trays that went into Boots, Superdrug and Wilkos stores gave the products their own on-shelf identity to stand out. Positioned on a shelf, these trays not only give the product a visual edge, but help keep shelves neat, tidy and more attractive to customers.

The full suite of X-Men branded displays were designed in-house and artworked by our studio team. Once the visuals were signed off, the units moved into production and then printed, cut and finished within our Coulsdon facility. They followed through to our fulfilment team and onto delivery - providing our client with a complete end-to-end solution all within our premises.

If you're looking for ways to help your product stand out amongst the crowd, like all good superheroes, our design team would be only too happy to come to the rescue.