Standing out from the crowd at Love Supreme.
Supporting new iPod Pharmacy with creative design.
Friday, July 13, 2018

Wilmot Budgen have proudly been involved in many projects within the local or wider community and are always excited to hear of interesting new ideas to help benefit the people around us.

Chiltern Music Therapy are a creative and impassioned non for profit who provide evidence based music therapy across the country. Their iPod pharmacy is a new initiative which takes unwanted MP3 players cleans and loads them with a selection of tailored music to help stimulate, soothe and engage patients.

Music is used not only to soothe and help with treatment, but is widely recognised as helping with cognition, communication and connection in patients with neurological conditions such as dementia.

To launch this incredible initiative alongside Yamaha and Jazz FM at the Love Supreme Festival in July, they were looking for something eye-catching, practical and thought provoking to encourage iPod donations.

We needed to design something that would stand out while remaining practical and easy to pack down and transport. We went for an easy-to-assemble cardboard skeleton with a strengthened inner core and shelf to hold the visible collection area behind a tough vinyl window on three sides to showcase the donated iPods.

A slotted cardboard header fits neatly into the top of the unit which has been printed directly onto material for a instant pop of vivid colour.

The launch went really well and we were delighted with some great feedback from Rosie Axon, Chiltern Music’s founder.

“We were bowled over by how quickly and perfectly Wilmot Budgen completed our brief!  

The iPod Nano is such a classic design that everyone connects with and we found that the display alone encouraged people to come to our stand and ask us about the campaign.

In the week since the festival we’ve had enquiries from several companies who want to join the campaign!!”

Chiltern are looking to roll out the nation-wide scheme this summer and are being supported by some famous faces including Jools Holland and Jamie Cullum. They are asking organisations of any size to sponsor a collection point within their workplace for unwanted devices to help with this fantastic cause.