Wilmot-Budgen studio are eggs-perts in the creation of Point of Sale.
Welcome to our creative design studio
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

At Wilmot-Budgen, we are proud to be known as a one-stop-shop.

From design, artwork, engineering, production, assembly, delivery and straight through to implementation – we handle everything in-house.

We have recently created an Easter marketing mailer to feature the services provided by our design studio.

This takes you through the 4 sectors found within our studio:
Graphic Design – Creating artwork across both 2D and 3D PoS elements. Design ranging from a Point of Sale campaign to packaging and window displays.
Structural Design – Creating designs that will not only complement the artwork but will fundamentally work. Ranging from trays, leaflet dispensers to floor stands and more.
Artworking –  Creating artwork; replicating that of the renders and mood boards. Branding to be used across the array of chosen PoS elements. Ranging from typesetting to exhibition artwork and outdoor media.
Visualisation – Creating a realistic retail environment in which you can visualise your chosen PoS elements. Ranging from greyscales to rendering 3D visuals and animations.
If you would like to discuss a cracking idea with our creative design studio, please either email us on or contact the sales team on 020 8763 4040.